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use nada.bot (the NEAR contract based bot protection protocol

Nada.bot is a NEAR Protocol-based smart contract based sybil resistance aggregator that safeguards web3 communities and applications from malicious actors.

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We are looking to create a trusted and inclusive web3 environment by eliminating sybil attacks and fostering genuine human interactions.

Core Values

  • Transparency: all checks and decisions are made on chain

  • Adaptability: flexible scores and weights to prevent against sybil attacks

  • Adoption / Integration: become widely adopted and a resource to applications with a vibrant ecosystem

  • Composability: allow for other identity players to integrate and build with us easily and vice versa


  • đŸ™‹đŸœâ€â™‚ïž Users: verify checks, confirm on nada.bot registry, earn points, get verified as human

  • ✅ Sybil providers: add additional checks to get users to verify with you service

  • đŸ“Č Applications / Protocols: integrate our contract via cross contract call to enforce bot protection

đŸ‘šâ€đŸ’ŒFor Users✅For Sybil ProvidersđŸ“±For Applications

Extra Stakeholders

  • 👔 Admin (in future DAO): approve checks, sets weights, flag weights, readjust human threshold

  • đŸŠčđŸœ Developers / Bot Defense League: get rewarded for developing tools to prevent and detect bots

  • đŸ€– Bots: get caught, displaced, incarcerated, torn away from their families and generationally disenfranchised

For Builders / Providers

Want to integrate. in you application or get you stamp/check integrated into our registry?

✅For Sybil Providers📃Our ContractđŸ“±For Applications

Case Studies

Applications That Have Integrated nada.bot

  • Potlock: public goods funding on NEAR, used for sybil protection for quadratic funding

  • Cplanet Contests: art submission and funding platform, used to configure voting to delegate art contest for

Sybil Providers that are part of registry

  • I-AM-Human: aloow us to use liveness checks (face scans) via Fractal

  • Shard.dog: allow us to choose active users and provide bot protection service for claims



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